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Checkers is the perfect way to un-bore yourself or take a break from your busy day to do some fun.

If you have never played checkers yet or just need a crash course on how to play, make sure you get the Checkers app, there are rules for playing the game that are easy to follow. 

While the rules of checker are definitely easier than the game of chess, you would still need to be strategic to win the game. Checkers is an app that gives you hints or ideas during game play, especially while you're starting out and learning the different techniques. 

Checkers is reliable across all platforms, so you can play for hours without fear of glitches messing up your game. 

If you’re a Checkers game advanced player, up your game with the app’s different variants and their rules. You can choose from 4 levels and play with an AI, or choose two player mode, and play with friends or family. 

Best part of it is - download for FREE! Checkers app can be played offline as well!

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