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Best Apps for Dungeons & Dragons Fans on MyAppFree
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Best Apps for Dungeons & Dragons Fans

Greetings, Nerds!

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Best Apps for Dungeons & Dragons Fans

D&D is no longer a thing for nerds growing up in the ‘70s and ‘80s who are now in their 50s and 60s.

Thanks to Critical Role, celebrities like Wil Wheaton and Joe Manganiello, and a bevy of YouTubers and podcasters, Dungeons & Dragons is enjoying a golden age and the game is as popular as ever.

Now, D&D is cool. Supremely cool. Cooler than the caves in Icewind Dale.

Gary Gygax’s masterpiece now has countless guides, online resources, ardent followers, and new tales to take it into the next age of The Forgotten Realms.

Players who love rolling for initiative, creating an elven warforged, and slogging their way through the Swamp of Eternal Darkness on the way to retrieve a magic feather that might get them to the top of Grandweave Tower to perhaps send them on the right quest to save Prince Mezumi from the clutches of his evil brother before the adventurers even get to the Underdark to complete the real quest of getting Mezumi to help the main character rekindle the flame of true love, Eldinira, will adore this guide.

Take a look at the best apps for Dungeons & Dragons fans.

1. D&D Lords of Waterdeep

D&D Lords of Waterdeep

Okay, so it’s not a revival spell that turns D&D into Jumanji.But D&D Lords of the Waterdeep is made by Wizards of the Coast as an official property of Dungeons & Dragons. Players navigate a secret society filled with shadows and backstabbers. Anyone can choose one of the city’s lords to build an empire within the walls of Waterdeep.Users of this app can play against the AI or against up to four other players in this turn-based game that lasts eight rounds for a quick romp into the world of make-believe.Wait. What? D&D’s not real?

2. Speed Up Game Time

Game Master 5th Edition

What DM wants to spend three months writing out a campaign on paper or even on a word processor?Apps can do all the hard work now.DMs can spend less time in the mechanics of world-building with Game Master 5th Edition.Dungeon masters can track combat, hit points, initiative, and condition of players. There’s no more need to look at charts and tables while someone flips through a reference book. Those are all here, waiting to be discovered through a light spell.Anyone can look up details of races, places, equipment, spells, backgrounds, and classes for an easy reference tool that can’t be beat.Well, except maybe with an aging spell that makes the DM look like someone in their 90s who loves writing things out on paper the old-fashioned way.

3. Master the Role of Dungeon Master

Game Master Journal

Game Master Journal is a dungeon master’s dream. Now, DMs can manage a campaign without having to reference a three-ring binder. Rather, enthusiasts can look up NPCs, cities, maps, loot, roads, trails, rivers, and more on a handy app that guides people through their quest.Players who prefer visual references to help gamers imagine the DMs world can add images to the NPCs, cities, and shops. DMs can also create currency, barter systems, economies, farms, and populations to interact with the adventurers. Need a Tabaxi to own a charm shop with a hidden door in the ceiling that leads to a dimensional portal? This is the app for that.

4. There’s a Spell for That

5th Edition Spellbook

The 5th Edition Spellbook lets players manage spells any time, anywhere.Players and DMs can even create their own spells, specifically designed for characters on the adventure, that fit right into the premise of the campaign.Did someone in the group create a spell on a website? They can download the spell to the app through the same account. Now adventurers can wave their magic cellphones to cast spells to open magic trellises, light dingy caves, and bring undead orcs back to life as a zombie army.

5. From Fans, By Fans, For Fans

D&D Beyond

From Fandom Incorporated (the company behind all of those wiki websites), D&D Beyond lets players take their gaming completely online without any pencil and paper sheets to fill out characters or game guides.DMs and players get all of the fun of a quest without all of the prep time!Create new characters with a guide.Roll a 20-sided die in the app (although this may let players have a little less control over the RNG).Easily find skills checks and saving throws without having to hunt and peck through pages of a paper notebook spread out over a coffee table or dining room.Players can even access everything in offline mode if they don’t have a Wi-Fi connection.
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