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TickTick lets you create assignments, organize them into lists, and set deadlines and goals to them.

The feature-rich TickTick is an excellent to - do app with some cool features that will cater to 'get-things-done' adherents. TickTick enables businesses and individuals of all sizes to handle projects, deadlines, communications, file sharing, and more, across different platforms. 

You want to break down a project or task? TickTick features allows you to add notes and checklists of subtasks to each one. You can create tags and code them in eye-appealing colors, which is useful when sorting out tasks. You may also set reminders prior to the actual due dates and send yourself notifications.

You want to set-up repeating tasks? Not a problem! TickTick is easy to sign up for and is pleased to welcome you with a quick tour of its core functions. Once done, tasks can be quickly created - just type in the box and press 'Return'.

So get your to-do list organized and accomplished. Give TickTick a go.

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