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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on MyAppFree
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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

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Combine your love for designing with your love for animals in this adorably entertaining game!

Do you want to try your hand at space planning and designing? Or maybe you’re just bored and looking for something to kill time? In any case, whether you’re a professional or just have a keen interest in designing, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the perfect app for you!

Figure out what campsite layout you’re going for and choose furniture to match your vision. There are tons of trendy and fun items to choose from. You can design an outdoor boutique, a music festival camp, a cozy cafe...the possibilities are endless!
Oh, wait. I forgot to mention... there are fluffy, uber cute animals with different personalities roaming around and you can interact with them and befriend them so you can invite them into your newly designed place!

You can also participate in themed events every month. So, be on the lookout in the Summer, during Halloween, Christmas etc.

This game can be downloaded for free! 

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