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Foodie is an app that will make your entree look even more mouth-watering.

If you love food and love taking pictures of food, you will need a camera app to spice up your photos.
With Foodie you can achieve the perfect food aesthetic. 
First, let’s talk about this app’s feature for easily taking photos from an aerial view. Everybody knows that to fully capture all the delectable angles of food, a top-view is preferrable. With Foodie’s built-in feature, your photos will come out looking like they’ve been done by professionals in a studio.

Next, enhance the hues and contrast and texture of your steak, pie, sushi, pizza, coffee, or whatever food you’re indulging in...elevate its beauty with awesome filters especially designed to make your food look irresistible. 

This app is not limited to taking still-life pictures of food, you can also shoot videos with live filters that is sure to make your friends envious!

This app can be downloaded for free on the Store. Don’t waste any second longer! Add some flare to your food photos with Foodie!

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