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Traffix: Traffic Simulator on MyAppFree
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Traffix: Traffic Simulator

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You have the authority to control stoplights and direct drivers home without causing absolute, utter chaos! Traffix is a traffic simulator game that allows you to save the world from the pandemonium of traffic jams!

Traffix traffic simulator game attraction is in the simplicity of its gameplay.  The rule is: Control the traffic lights and direct the vehicles and their drivers safe.

You dictate when cars can get through; clicking and holding traffic lights to change them from red to yellow to green. You would need to keep in mind that your timing should be precise so that vehicles won’t collide at each other. Avoid carnage at all costs! The puzzles ramp up as you progress in the game. 

If by some chance you get a perfect score, you’ll open up another level...one where you’ll soon find yourself descending into mania! The “chaos mode” which switches out bog-standard cars for police cruisers.

In this brutal mode, the stakes run much higher. The game demands laser-focus because the slightest distraction can cause a major mayhem!

You also need to be careful about the drivers, with their tempers running short, don’t have them wait too long. Road rage is ugly so best you dodge that. Avoid getting too many strikes as these are limited per level. Too many strikes will result in your game restarting. You definitely won’t like that.

Don’t worry, you’ll get into the mechanics of the game quickly enough. Thanks to its minimalist design and evocative elements. Plus, the game also provides a blind color mode so that people with disabilities can still participate in distinguishing between red, yellow and green.

Stop the chaos! Keep the drivers safe! Play Traffix today!

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