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This app provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors!

Do you want to go out into the wild and participate in a nationwide scavenger hunt? Then, Geocaching is for you. This activity entices people to explore the world outside their comfort zones.

After downloading this app for FREE, the GPS on your mobile device will be utilized to locate containers in exact locations around the globe identified by unique coordinates. In these containers, called “caches”, you will typically find a notebook where you will sign your code name and the date. Plus, some boxes contain trinkets up for exchange. 

This is a wonderful way to get your adrenaline pumping. There’s nothing that can match the thrill of seeking a mysterious container out in the woods, beach side or other secret hiding places.

So, go get the app now. You never know, you might just be meters away from a Geocache container right at this very moment!

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