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Robbery Bob

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This man of steal and stealth will surely steal your hearts!

Meet Bob. Bob is a bumbling burglar who wants to change his ways. Sadly, he will be compelled into a bunch of final jobs before he's permitted out of the life of crime. 

A mysterious raincoat-clad man busted him out of jail. Robbery Bob is forced to pay back the debt of freedom. Unfortunately, Robbery Bob doesn’t have the smarts to put up a small business or a hotdog stand to pay the raincoat-clad man, so he said - ‘I’ll just rob other people!’

To clear out his debts Robbery Bob puts you in charge of his new crime spree. You will have an absolute blast tiptoeing past the obstacles and taking worthless possessions from other people. The levels are diverse enough to keep things fresh and the level of difficulty ramps up at a steady enough intensity that you'll never feel too much out of your element.

Sneakily maneuver past security officers, local people, and sleeping bulldogs in each level as you recover the valuables. Use your stealth skills to hide and evade detection in some tight situations.

What is NOT sneaky about this game, it’s FREE!

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