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Underworld Office: Visual Novel, Adventure Game on MyAppFree
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Underworld Office: Visual Novel, Adventure Game

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Underworld Office

Much like Mysterious Forum, Underworld Office relies on the horror genre mixed in with otherworldly experiences in this chat-style visual novel.

Follow Eugene, the protagonist, as he repays his life-debt to the Boss. You see, the Boss saved Eugene’s life. Afterward, the bespeckled teenager must work three days in the underworld office to fulfill the debt he owes the Boss.

Your choices determine how Eugene moves through the visual novel, either as a murderer or savior, compassionate or dark, understanding or impatient. You decide Euguen’s motivations, which can change from one chapter to the next.  

Do you want to go back to the life you had? Do you want to stay in the underworld office? Are you motivated simply because you want to pay your debt?

You decide in this cute, touching, and somewhat dark tale.

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